“A Piece Of Canadian Blues History ”

During the closing months of 1987 and into early 1988, The Kendall Wall Band spent time in a small 16 track analog recording studio in north Toronto laying down tracks for what they hoped would be their first recording.  Something that would take them to the next level of their career. They began writing songs and expanded their band into a larger unit for the sessions.  The plan, stay true to their traditional blues influences while letting their songwriting take them in new directions. 

From the beginning, lack of funds, lack of producing experience and a difficult studio environment hampered their  creativity.  Through this frustrating situation they forged ahead making sure every sound heard in their heads and every new idea contributed by band members went  to tape. 

Unfortunately their goals were never achieved.  At least that`s the way it seemed at the time. The money ran out, some songs  were left unfinished and the final mix was unsatisfactory.  The result was a substandard demo that at best could only be used to help book gigs.  The tapes went into a drawer and stayed their for the next 25 years. 

Gary Kendall always believed that the good music they had envisioned was in those old tapes and someday that music would be brought to the surface bringing the project to a proper completion. In 2012 he enlisted the aid of L. Stu Young, one of the most respected recording engineers in the world and began working on the resurrection of the “almost lost” recordings of The Kendall Wall Band. 

Twenty-five years in the making “The Way We Was” is finally ready to be presented to the world, sounding as fresh and relevant as it did back in the late 80`s when it was conceived.  Living proof that the original vision of this group of young blues musicians was right on track.