Summer 2022, The Maple Blues Band enters Loud Mouse Studios in the Etobicoke neighborhood of Toronto to open a new chapter of their 24 year collaboration.  The goal, record ten of the instrumental compositions they’ve compiled during their association with The Maple Blues Awards.  The release of a full length album of instrumental music is part of a master plan that will launch the group into the performance market of festivals and concerts. 

It all began at a Toronto Blues Society programming recap meeting following the 1998 Maple Blues Awards.  I boldly told all present that the music that accompanied the award presentations should be better.  The come back was “Let’s see what you can do”.  It must be working because the band has been the centre piece of the Maple Blues Awards ever since.

Twenty-four years ago the ball was in my hands and I knew I had to make it good, really good.   I wanted a big band that could play all the blues styles, Delta Blues, Southside Chicago Blues, New Orleans Funk, Uptown Blues, Zydeco, Blues Rock and most of all Canadian Blues.  Over the years the musicians that have contributed to making this dream possible all rose to the occasion lending their talent and support.

Early in the MBA residency I recognized an opportunity for the composition of original instrumental music as one of the perks that fell in line with the admiral position of accompanying the best singers and musicians performing in the Canadian Blues community.  The songwriting helped The Maple Blues Band create a personal and unique sound.  It’s what I refer to as Big Band Blues.

Every province in Canada has a wealth of well known, well schooled and dedicated blues musicians, the best in the world.  The men and women I chose to surround myself with in The Maple Blues Band are part of the enormous southern Ontario pool of blues talent.  Each one of them is a star and when I’m in their presence they take me to a very comfortable and extremely high level of musicianship.

The twelve tracks on our Cordova Bay Records release, Let’s Go are a group effort.  The song writing credits are spread over 24 years and include past and present band members.

As part of the Cordova Bay Records family we look forward to taking our music to the world.

Gary Kendall

The Maple Blues Band: Gary Kendall - bassist, band leader, musical director, Pat Carey - tenor saxophone, horn arrangements, Teddy Leonard - guitar, Al Lerman - harmonica, acoustic guitar, Jim Casson - drums, percussion,  Howard Moore - trumpet, Lance Anderson - Hammond B3, piano, accordion,. Alison Young - baritone saxophone, tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, Meirion Kelly - trombone, Roshane Wright - percussion

Maple Blues Band Printable Bio

Article in Maple Blues Magazine - August 2023

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Maple Blues Band 9 piece Press Photo 300dpi

Maple Blues Band Press Photo 300dpi

Maple Blues Band Press Photo 300dpi






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